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Promotions refer to the entire set of activities which communicate the product brand or service to the user. The idea is to make people aware and attract. There are different types of promotion including schemes, discount, contests.There will come a time when most online merchants will be faced with the decision of whether to offer discounts when to offer discount and much should the discount be worth.
Offering discounts for your online store can be a powerful weapon.

There are several types of discounts and offers. Let's take a look at the most common:

Percentage based discount

The most popular way to offer discounts is a percentage based discount.
This can include small incentive percentage like 5% or 10% off, large discounts like 20% and 25% or 50%. You can easily apply these discounts to multiple collections, products.

Flat  discount

The flat discount means final discount given by a seller on grand total, mostly for the purpose of rounding off. The flat discount is applied on both items as well as taxes. You can easily apply these discounts to multiple collections, products.

Add a promotion in pasls

 To add a new promotion in pasls

  1. From your pasls admin, click Promotions to go to the promotion page.
  2. From the promotion page, click Add Promotion.
  3. Enter promotion details
  4. Add the description of promotion.
  5. Choose what type of promotion Flat discount or Percentage based discount
  6. Enter the amount of discount/percentage of discount
  7. Select what you want the promotion to apply. You can apply promotions to the entire order, to products in specific category or collection OR to a specific product.
  8. Select if the promotion is based on coupons. That means if the users need to enter a coupon code to qualify for the promotion. If you set this value as no, then anyone will qualify for the promotion, but if you set it as yes, only the people who have the coupon code will qualify.
  9. Add duration to promotion
    Select when you want to run your promotion. You can select a start date and end date. After the promotion has expired, it is no longer available.
  10. Set usage limit. 
    This field allows you to limit the number of users who get the discount. If you set this to 0 anyone will get this discount until the promotion expires. If you set this to a certain number, for example, 50, then only the first 50 customers will get the discount.
  11. Click Save

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